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Warpage and quality control of heat transfer paper

Transfer paper is a kind of coated paper. If the expansion rate of the coated layer and the backing paper is not consistent under dry and high temperature, it will cause single-sided warpage. When the transfer paper warps, it will cause the following inconvenience:


1. It is inconvenient for the printer to feed paper( Room temperature drying (warpage)

2. When the sheets are printed in large quantities and piled up, the arrangement is inconvenient due to warpage( Room temperature drying (warpage)

3. Before heat transfer printing, due to the warpage of the transfer paper, the alignment of the transfer paper and the fabric is not accurate, resulting in the transfer failure( Room temperature drying (warpage)

4. Under the hot plate of heat transfer printing, the warpage of the transfer paper will cause the transfer dislocation and cause the transfer failure( High temperature warpage)


The products produced by various transfer paper factories at home and abroad have different degrees of warpage. The excellent transfer paper has small warpage angle and slow warpage, which can meet the needs of flatness and time in the printing and transfer production process. It is easy to operate.


It is a difficult problem for transfer paper manufacturers to overcome warpage. The double-sided coating method can effectively improve warpage, but it increases the production cost. Most domestic transfer paper production equipment often does not have such conditions, so it can only be improved from the coating formula and production process.


Inkjet transfer paper requires that the smaller the wrinkle, the better. If the wrinkle is serious during printing, it is likely that the paper will arch and rub the nozzle, especially when the paper surface roughness is large, it is more likely to damage the delicate nozzle (some enterprises add coarse inorganic powder in the coating formulation in order to reduce the cost, making the transfer paper surface like sandpaper). The main way to reduce the wrinkle of transfer paper is to start from the base paper. When the base paper wrinkle is small, the coating and printing wrinkle will be small. The second is to improve the coating formula to achieve the purpose of reducing the wrinkle.


The coating formula of transfer paper is nano material, which ensures the smoothness of the transfer paper surface is more than 3 seconds, and will not damage the nozzle.


The spot (impurity spot) on the surface of transfer paper is an important index of transfer paper. These spots may be produced in the base paper, coating or production process. The spot seriously endangers large area of solid color printing, but has little effect on fancy printing. Spot problem is common in domestic transfer paper. Suzhou Quanjia company has done a lot of investigation and Research on the elimination of spot, and made a lot of efforts on the generation and elimination methods of spot. There are strict regulations and control from base paper to coating formula and production process, but there may still be 1-2 spots per square meter, With the new formula put into operation and equipment transformation, it is expected to eliminate the spots and reach the international advanced level.


The stability of quality is an important indicator of usability. The surface quality of transfer paper is closely related to the user’s ink, print data setting and transfer machine parameter setting. The fluctuation or constant change of the surface quality of transfer paper will force the end user to follow the adjustment. For example, the original color calibration needs to be redone, The original printing samples that have been provided to customers can not be reproduced but can only be redone. Therefore, the end customers need stable quality. The transfer paper manufacturers must attach great importance to this, because only stable quality can win a number of loyal customers.

Post time: Jul-23-2021