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High quality DTF film 30cm/60cm for DTF printing solutions

Short Description:

-Direct transfer film

-Size: 30cmx100m, 60cmx100m

-Ink type: DTF pigment ink

-Excellent quality

-Excellent ink absorption

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DTF means direct transfer film, or direct to film, it’s a new technology for T-shirt heat transfer. You could print any designed pattern on the the coated DTF film, then cover the printed pattern by melt powder, and transfer it to any colors pure cotton or cotton-polyester blended fabric, cotton canvas and other products by heat transfer machine.

It can be used for personalized T-shirts, team clothes, Work clothes, advertising shirts, jerseys, bags and other fields. The image transferred has color retention and resistance to multiple washing.

DTF Film is especially suitable for DTF printer and DTF pigment ink,  it has higher precision and more vivid colors on t-shirts.


Higher precision

Bright color

Softer touch feeling

Self-weeding, no need to cut

Easy printing

Better stability


Washing labels for garments

Any color of all kinds of fabric (cotton or polyester)

Hard surface such as metal, wood, glass, etc.

Using process


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